Recess Hacks was started by a group of 12 high school students that wanted to inspire creativity and ideation amongst fellow peers. We are devoted to encouraging teens in the community to bring their ideas to life and actively innovate new ideas that solve real-world issues.

We understand how stressful it is competing against people significantly older and more experienced, and we wanted to alleviate some of that stress by creating a "secondary school"-only hackathon. We also aim to strengthen networking amongst like-minded high school students, and encourage students to communicate with peers and form teams with people you've never met before.

Most importantly, Recess Hacks wants to host a fun learning experience for both newcomers to the hackathon scene, and veterans of the hackathon scene. This event's main focus is to encourage YOU to participate in more hackathons and innovate in your community.

This year, only high school students in the Greater Toronto Area are eligible.

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Here's a summary of our eligibility requirements. To see the full rules, head over here.

  • Participants: Individuals must be older than 13 and currently attending a secondary school in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Teams: Forming teams is optional, but teams may not consist of more than 4 individuals. Each individual may only be part of 1 team.
  • Countries: Canada


Here's a summary of our submission requirements. To see the full rules, head over here.

  • Must have a functional project. It certainly doesn't have to bug-free, but it has to be something more than a prototype made in a UI design app.
  • Be prepared to show off your product to judges LIVE (no longer than 3 minutes) and answer any questions the judges may have relating to your project. Meetings with judges are no longer than 5 minutes.


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$CAD8,701 in prizes

Best Overall Project

Raspberry Pi Zero W Basic Kit (all winners)
$250 in DO credits per team member, up to $1000
Wolfram Award (all winners)
Scrimba Pro one-year (1)
Lifetime Taskade (all winners)

Best Solo Project

This prize is only for people working solo.

Rocketbook Mini
$250 in DO credits
Wolfram Award (all winners)
Scrimba Pro one-year (1)

Best UI/UX

$40 in gift cards
$125 in DO credits per team member, up to $500
Wolfram Award (all winners)
Scrimba Pro one-year (1)

Best Beginner’s Project

ALL team members must be beginners. To qualify, Recess Hacks must be each team member's first hackathon.

AOPS coupons (all winners)
Scrimba Pro one-year (1)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Galicia Gordon

Galicia Gordon
Leading Learners

Vitalii Honcharuk

Vitalii Honcharuk
Monster Lead Group

Wendy Powley

Wendy Powley
Professor @ QueensU

Raghav Poddar

Raghav Poddar
Founder & CEO of Forward Kitchens

Judging Criteria

  • Functionality
    You will be judged on the functionality of your project: Does the project work properly? Does the project fulfill its purpose?
  • Design
    You will be judged on the design of your project: Is the project aesthetically pleasing? Is the project adaptive (for sites and apps)?
  • Concept
    You will be judged on the concept of your project: Is the idea original? Does it solve a real-world problem?
  • Presentation
    You will be judged on the presentation of your project: Were all the functions of the application demonstrated clearly? Is there anything confusing about the project not mentioned in the presentation?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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